Injustice: Gods Among Us on android

Game Injustice on android is a fighting game based on the universes comics series of DC Comics. The name is translated as «Gods among us». Her idea is to collect in one place heroes who never met each other in their works. You can, say, easily find out who is stronger Batman or Superman?

Injustice Gods Among Us

In Injustice: Gods Among Us We can play the following characters:

The Joker;
Green Lantern;
Scorpio (from the MK series);
and another 20 superheroes. Fights in Indzhastis will be held one-on-one. But there is a command mode, where will be able to participate up to 8 characters. Not simultaneously, and replacing each other.

Each character has their attacks and combinations. The fight will be filled combat scale, with its filling, you can apply a special kick overwhelming force.

Injustice Gods Among Us1
so looks like the character selection
Levels stylized in locations that are familiar to fans of comics. They are objects that you can interact with. For example, in the enemy can throw in a parked car. Such actions will be different for each character.

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